A New Approach to PBCs


A prepared by client (PBC) report cannot be done alone. It requires the full support of a company spanning across multiple departments, employee levels, and areas of expertise. Because of this, you need efficiency to ensure your reports, policies, and documents are collected in a timely manner. But the current method of manually emailing each department head their requirements, a due date, with a link to the master spreadsheet is not only risky but the opposite of efficient.

This is why YouAttest is your perfect tool for your next PBC. YouAttest gives you the ability to select the applications or groups in need of review and mass delegate responsibilities out to the responsible parties. The process is as simple as adding an email of who you wish to delegate out to, as shown below.

Once assigned, an email will be automatically sent to the delegated party with instructions and a due date. From this point, they can either certify or revoke the access of the individuals assigned to them. It’s that simple! Your final result will be a complete report showing who has access to what, at what level, and time.

If you’d like to learn more, we highly encourage you to read our latest article which does an excellent job highlighting the current risks of the old methods and further instructions on using YouAttest in your next PCB.