Adding intelligence into CSV based audit campaigns

YouAttest Dynamic CSV import now allows for adding intelligence into your CSV Audits!  Starting today you can now import your CSV and YouAttest will now give you the option to make API calls to your Okta tenant to retrieve information like the ManagerID.

On top of this we now also allow for Auto-Delegation, the workflow being:

  1. Read in the users from your CSV
  2. Make API call to your Okta tenant to retrieve Managers Email
  3. Auto-Delegate review to the users manager.

What makes this so nice is many Okta customers utilize applications that don’t fully integrate with Okta (SAP, Peoplesoft, etc…)  These customers need to audit access and roles typically by generating a CSV which YouAttest can use for the Audit.  Problem being the managers ID/Email isn’t something that is in the CSV but can be easily mapped from your Active Directory environment into Okta using transformation language like “getManagerUser(“active_directory”).email”.

Since these users are in the application yet also exist in their Okta tenant we made these Dynamic CSV Audits intelligent by easily allowing you to enrich the profile data in the CSV with information directly from your Okta tenant!

Simply go into your CSV based Audit Campaign and you will now notice the “More Actions” which will allow you to both retrieve information from your Okta tenant via API as well as Auto-Delegate.

If you would like a quick demo please reach out to us at or simply create your own tenant at