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Every Tuesday we're sharing valuable content for you with the leading authorities in IGA on our #AuditTuesday Podcast. Enjoy!

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Change Healthcare Hack: Update - PoLP Matters
Identity Role Auditing - Simplified
Identity Governance - Healthcare
Advanced Auditing - Multiple Reviewers
Consequences of a MSP Breach - Financial, Legal and Cyber
YouAttest Audit for Microsoft Active Directory - Overview and Demo
The Change Healthcare Hack - A Game Changer in Health Risk Management
“NIST CSF 2.0 – Govern(GV)” Cybersecurity Framework 2.0
Cyber Security and Cyber Law Identity Governance Matters
Ego and the Start up Entrepreneur
The Microsoft Email Hack - Service/User Accounts Used for OAuth SSO
Why IGA is Failing Our Enterprises
Cybersecurity and Change Management
AI and Search What’s Next
Data Security and Identity Governance How They Work Together
CISA and The Principle of Least Privilege - A GRC and Security Discussion
The SEC 10-K and Cybersecurity Messaging
Communication the Lost Art in the Start up Journey
GRC 2024 - What to Hope For - What to Expect
Citrix Bleed / Credit Union MSP Hack
Automate Auditing any Resource w/ Your IAM and YouAttest
After the Breach What to Say, What to Do?
Another Okta Attack, Another IAM Attack - What to Do?
Security Audits - What’s Missing?
SEC Charges Against SolarWinds and Tim Brown
Halloween Scary Stories on Identity Hacking
What is Insider Threat and How Does GRC Address?
“Segregation of Duties” for Identity Security and Compliance
The SEC Ruling on Cybersecurity and Identity Governance
The MGM Hack - The Help Desk, Identity and Attestation
AI Data and Sloppy Handling Will Get You Sued
What are the Missing Pieces to Your IAM?
MSPs - It’s Time to Get Outside of the Box
Identity Transformation and Identity Governance - Featuring Falguni Pael
How IAM Should and Could Be the Center of Your IGA Efforts
What Place Does IGA have in Ransomware Defense
Thoughts on BlackHat 2023 Identity, Zero Trust, Tools and more
YouAttest for AWS Identity Auditing vs without YouAttest
The SEC Ruling on Cybersecurity - What’s it mean for Identity Governance?
Entitlement Audit of AWS for Security and Compliance - Featuring Raj Sawhney
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and IGA
What Place Does IGA have in Ransomware Defense?
MSPs and IGA - Why It’s the Right Fit
Financial Fraud and Access Control
How Sloppy Identity Practices are Killing Us
OEM LIcenses - The Upside and What to Think About
Why has IGA been a failure?
Internal Auditors Need to Automate - Guest Speaker: Robert Berry
State of CMMC and Enterprise Auditing Requirements, featuring Stacey Cameron
Ransomware - Pro-Active and Re-Active Risk Mitigation Steps, Featuring Robert Emrich
HR-IAM Variance - Detecting Orphan Users and Privileges
IAM Best Practices (and thoughts) on Insider Threat
IT People Doing Good. Featuring Robert Phillips
MSPs: It’s time to Take on Identity and Governance
CIEM, IGA and User Access Reviews
Conducting an Asset Inventory? Don’t forget Identity. Featuring Macus Wells
European Regulations and Identity Audits. Featuring Ralf Mennegati
ITDR Simplified for MSPs - Billing and Services (Overview and Demo)
Sox, Salesforce and the Role Identity Plays, featuring Shannon Noonan
Gradient | YouAttest: Automating Your MSP Billing for IGA and All Services
Rightsizing your SAAS licenses w/ YouAttest
YouAttest and Google Group “User Access Reviews”
YouAttest and AWS IAM Identity Audits
PE Firms Put Importance of Cyber Security , featuring Stacey Cameron
MSPs and YouAttest - Why It’s the Right Fit, featuring “The MSP Whisperer”, Cramer Snuggs
The SOX Audit, and the Role Identity Plays, featuring Shannon Noonan
YouAttest Advanced, 4-Tier Auto Delegation for User Access Reviews
Identity and Compliance in 2022 and Trends for 202
YouAttest and Slack - Messaging Reviewers via Slack for User Access Reviews
YouAttest: Normalizing IAM Managers and Certifying Users from Any Resource
Audit Tuesday | Get Started on Your IGA Program
Audit Tuesday | Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
Audit Tuesday | YouAttest at IIA/ISACA GRC 2022 Conference

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