Beta Testing to commence Feb. 2019


Cloud based identity management systems like Okta are game changers when it comes to speed of deployment, updates, uptime and more.

What they’re not good at is governance…

YouAttest mission is to change that not just for Okta customers, but all cloud consumers. We don’t believe you need to drop millions to start/run/complete something like a SOX audit. We don’t believe you need to hire an army of integrators and auditors to run a report and revoke access for users who don’t need access to those applications on Okta anymore!

With that said, we’re opening YouAttest for a select few Beta testers. If you want to delegate access reviews to others within your Okta organization, or simply run reports with real time API integration with Okta to prove who does or does not have access to an application, this Beta might be for you.

We only want testers who can run against an OktaPreview environment at this time. We also ask that you provide feedback as to additional features and issues.

If this is you, please fill out this for and we’ll review and get back to you!