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The Difference: App Owner vs Business Owner in an Access Review

 Access reviews are essential for ensuring that information and data are kept private, safe, and away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. Recommended by the NIST to occur on a semiannual basis, access reviews are conducted to verify that only authorized users can access information within an organization’s systems and applications. Throughout the process, access permissions are analyzed to determine that employees are restricted to only the information that they require to carry out their duties. Otherwise, employees that have access to sensitive information that they do not need create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

App Owner Vs Business owner
In an access review, there are two main groups: business owners and application owners. app owner vs business owner

Access Reviews : App Owner Vs Business owner

In an access review, there are two main groups: business owners and application owners. The role of a business owner is typically held by a single individual, not generally involved in day-to-day operations. Instead, they are focused on the bigger picture and ensure that company processes are in alignment. They are tasked with the responsibility of reviewing and accepting cybersecurity risks and their solutions

Application owners, sometimes also referred to as service owners, typically work closely with the business owner to ensure that apps work in coordination with the established vision. The role of an app owner can be filled by one or more employees, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that it functions properly while minimizing security risks. In this role, app owners are responsible for conducting access reviews to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the application and data stored within their systems. 

While app owners have the authority to delegate tasks associated with access reviews, they are responsible for maintaining the effectiveness of the access reviews conducted. Best practices for conducting access reviews include providing relevant levels of systems access when someone joins the company, updates or revokes access when someone changes roles or terminates employment, or when changes are made to the application. 

When access reviews are conducted properly, app owner vs business owner can effectively work together to protect their organizations from potential hackers and cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities.

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