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Certifying Application Entitlements with YouAttest Dynamic CSV Audits


YouAttest continues to support all of your SOX, HIPAA, or general Audit needs from the cloud by announcing Dynamic CSV Audits.  A result of Strong Customer feedback indicated direct audits of Okta tenants is great but there is a huge gap.  They need to be able to audit more complex on-prem systems (as400, SAP, Peoplesoft, etc…).  These new CSV Campaigns go much deeper than does a specific user have access to an application.  They go to the role level inside of the application and allow for direct audits of each role!

Simply upload your CSV file into the CSV Campaigns and map which ever attributes you have.  YouAttest has built-in support for custom attributes as well!

We will then alert you when the campaign is ready and the attribute transformation is complete.

Now you can easily review or delegate audit reviews to anyone you would like or directly to their manager!

Here you can see by running this simple audit we were able to see that a user had the Admin role as well as the Sales role so we revoked the Sales role in this audit.

If you would like a quick no pressure demo please reach out to or simply visit and create your own tenant!