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How Identity Governance is Failing our Enterprises

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) is a critical component of business security infrastructure, designed to manage user identities and access rights within an organization. However, there are several areas where IGA systems can fail or prove inadequate, often leading to security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and operational inefficiencies. Here are some key reasons why IGA systems may fail in an enterprise:

Image #1: Deployable, manageable and scalable Identity Governance is key to to identity security and compliance
  • Complexity and Scalability Issues: Modern business environments are complex, involving numerous applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. IGA solutions that cannot effectively scale or adapt to this complexity can become a bottleneck, leading to inefficiencies and potential security gaps.


  • Lack of Automation and Integration: IGA systems that rely heavily on manual processes are prone to human error and inefficiency. Additionally, if these systems are not well-integrated with other IT and security systems, it can lead to incomplete or inconsistent governance.


  • User Experience and Adoption Challenges: If an IGA solution is not user-friendly, it can lead to poor adoption among employees. This can result in workarounds that bypass security controls, undermining the effectiveness of the IGA system.


  • Compliance and Policy Enforcement: Businesses often struggle to keep up with changing regulations and to enforce consistent policies across their organizations. An IGA system that cannot efficiently manage and update compliance requirements may leave the business exposed to legal and regulatory risks.


  • Rapid Technological Changes: The fast pace of technological change, including the adoption of cloud services, IoT, and mobile computing, can outpace the capabilities of some IGA solutions. This mismatch can create security vulnerabilities and governance challenges.


  • Data Quality and Consistency: IGA systems are heavily reliant on the quality of data they manage. Poor data quality, such as outdated or incorrect user information, can lead to incorrect access rights being granted or maintained.


  • Limited Visibility and Reporting: Inadequate reporting capabilities can hinder an organization’s ability to audit access rights and comply with regulatory requirements. 


  • Limited visibility into user activities and access patterns can also impede the identification and mitigation of potential security risks.


  • Budget Constraints and Resource Allocation: Financial limitations can result in businesses opting for less comprehensive IGA solutions, which may not fully meet their needs. Additionally, a lack of skilled personnel to manage and optimize IGA systems can further diminish their effectiveness.

YouAttest Addresses Identity Governance Shortcomings

Addressing these challenges requires a multifaceted approach, including investing in a scalable and automated IGA solution like YouAttest.

YouAttest has the advanced features that are required for the modern enterprise:

  • Simple integration
  • SSO
  • Revocation
  • Auto-delegation
  • Auto-scheduling
  • User reviews
  • Group reviews
  • Applications reviews
  • Notes
  • Multi-Tier Certification
  • Auto Triggers
  • AI trust scoring

YouAttest helps ensure that identity and identity entitlements are in line w/ security best practices and policy. — YouAttest is the only cloud-based IGA platform that deploys in minutes via application SSO into your existing IAM platforms.  Contact us to learn how YouAttest can secure you identities – before and after your changes.