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A new governance engine for Okta and other cloud resources

Governance and IGA in general has long been something that’s deployed “on premise”. It made sense, resources were within the network, users were inside the network and well, the certification engine was deployed within the network as well.

Today applications and users are no longer all going into the office. The apps are everywhere, Azure, AWS, Google & Salesforce. Users are logging in from home, remote, travel. Identity is the new network perimeter…

What has fallen to the back burner when consuming SaaS is governance. Dinosaurs that were deployed (Sailpoint, Oracle, etc…) on premise struggle to quickly adapt to changing applications and workflows. Deployments like what you see below now become an anchor when trying to decrease SOX audit costs.

On Premise deployment model of Sailpoint’s Identity IQ is a new type of IGA tool, audits required for SOX controls can be completed without asking the IT Dept anything. No, you no longer need a new virtual server (or 5) to be deployed. No you don’t need an instance of the SQL database along with credentials. No you don’t need a 6 month contract with Deloitte or Booz where they install Sailpoint or Saviynt, then connect to all of the applications so you can start to see who has access to what!

This new model of governance means direct API connections, Relational Databases and yes a very easy subscription model.

YouAttest Cloud based IGA/SOX audit governance tool

YouAttest connects to Okta API’s to pull in real time access data for your users. You can then delegate out certification tasks to others and even revoke access for users who don’t still need it, directly from YouAttest!

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