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Importing Active Directory Service Accounts into Okta & YouAttest for Full & Complete Audits

In order for YouAttest to fully account for all Active Directory accounts you must first import these accounts into Okta.  Normally Okta requires First Name, Last Name, Account Name as well as Email.  By modifying these attributes and marking them as not required we can allow Okta to import these accounts and fully report on them within YouAttest.

NOTE-It is recommended that you leave these accounts as ‘Staged’ and do not activate them.  There isn’t a reason a service account should log into Okta.  Currently this method works if you are using UPN for login name into Okta.  If you have email selected you will likely have to add email values to your service accounts.

    • Navigate to Directory/Profile Editor and modify the Okta User Profile.

  • Modify First Name and Last Name unselecting Attribute Required for each attribute.

      • While in the Profile Editor also modify the profile for your Active Directory profile
    • Unselect Attribute Required for mail, givenName and sn

      • Run an Active Directory import and you should now be able to import service accounts into Okta

  • As well as in YouAttest