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Is There an Identity Governance Program that Integrates with Azure AD?

Identity governance is the process of managing and governing an organization’s identities and their access to resources. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management solution that provides identity governance capabilities. Azure AD enables you to manage users, groups, and devices, and to control access to your resources based on the user’s identity.

With Azure AD, you can: 

Manage users and groups: Add, remove, and manage users and groups in your organization. You can also assign roles and permissions to users and groups.

Control access to resources: Control access to your resources based on the user’s identity. For example, you can allow or deny access to a resource based on the user’s group membership or role.

Manage devices: Manage devices that are enrolled in Azure AD. You can configure settings such as password requirements, device encryption, and remote access.

The benefits of using Azure AD for identity governance include: 

Flexibility: Azure AD is a cloud-based solution that provides flexibility and scalability. You can add or remove users and groups at any time, and you can scale up or down as needed.

Ease of use: Azure AD is easy to use. The graphical interface makes it easy to manage users, groups, and resources. And the built-in reporting features make it easy to track activity and audit changes.

Security: Azure AD is a secure solution with multiple layers of security including authentication and authorization mechanisms.

However, users can also go a step further by incorporating YouAttest software for cloud-based automated identity and access review governance. For Azure AD users, it offers cloud-to-cloud integration and utilizes Azure AD SAML integration with no coding or APIs needed. It deploys in minutes and is designed to scale to millions of identities with redundant architecture. It’s secure as well. YouAttest uses a secure SAML connection, and digitally connects and encrypts Azure AD IAM + YouAttest IGA.

Their all-inclusive solution is only $2 per user per month, which represents substantial savings over almost every other plan.