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Modernize Your IGA (Identity Governance)

Modernize Your IGA ( Identity Governance ), A necessity rather than an luxury. In the last year, the recent pandemic has forced many industries to rethink their practices.  In the business world, we responded by having most workers, who could work from home, work remotely. With that massive change from in the office to remote working, the IT industry found new challenges to overcome, like access, the cloud, and security.  With this the movement has been to modernize everything – including modernize your IGA (Identity Governance).

Because of this instant switch, there was a scramble in the IT departments to make everything needed for the enterprise to function accessible to remote workers on existing systems. This was a tall order for even the best IT departments. While the future of office versus remote work is still being debated, it is time to modernize your IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) for the future of your enterprise.

Why Modernize Your IGA?

There are several good reasons to modernize your IGA outside of the present situation we find ourselves in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Modernizing should be done to prepare for the future of work, but two of the best, and most impressive, reasons are cost and efficiency. Modernizing your IGA can save your enterprise money and make it more efficient by reducing the impact of time-intensive audits.

The cost of not modernizing your IGA comes when it is time to audit. Depending on the size of the enterprise, audits can take a considerable amount of time as most of the time you are dealing with manual processes.  YouAttest did a TCO study and found that a single identity audit was so time consuming of IT personnel – that it more than made up for a year of YouAttest license.  (And most enteprises were doing 4-12 audits a year).

All of that time is a serious cost. For all the time your employees spend working on the audit, they are not able to get their actual work done. This is compounded with every audit you have to do annually. If your enterprise is required to perform six audits a year, that is a significant amount of time that your employees are pulled from their work, which is very inefficient for your business. If you modernize your IGA to a more automated system you can minimize your inefficiency and save on that cost.

Spreadsheets are Not the Answer

YouAttest discovered that most enterprises will still using spreadsheets for their identity audits.   Besides missing out on the “modern” YouAttest features like auto-delegation, reminder emails and auto-PDF reports (see Top 10 reasons YouAttest is Better than XLS sheets) – the practice of using XLS sheets is fraught with errors.   The manual nature of the process leads to mistakes from typing, misgroupings and application review mistakes.


Image #1: YouAttest modernizes IGA by eliminating the need for XLS Spreadsheets w/ a easy-to-use GUI w/ advanced features like auto-delegation.

YouAttest Makes Modernizing Access Reviews Easy

Now, the why makes sense. Save time and save cost. “How” is a different question, yet has a simple answer. One great way to help your enterprise with automating your audits is YouAttest. The system, which requires no hardware or software, will give you access to programs that will help you track and log changes in user access. Using the event trigger system, you can set up a trigger to track a user entering or leaving a designated administrative group. When this event happens, it is logged and it is also sent to an employee for verification and approval.

This program, as well as others from the YouAttest 2.0 system, will help automate timely auditing, which will save money and get your employees back to their day-to-day work.

YouAttest is automated identity audit tool for Okta, AD and other resources.  Cloud based and simple to use – YouAttest provides a quantified platform for your identity audits.   Schedule an appointment with a YouAttest identity audit professional.