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Super Simple SaaS based reporting for Active Directory & Okta Group Membership


Active Directory and Okta Groups are the way most companies authorize access to applications. If you use something like Salesforce, Office 365, HR or Payroll system you probably have corresponding Active Directory and Okta groups populated which will in turn all members access to these applications.

But what happens when you need to authorize business and compliance leaders the ability to review these members? Well if you are reading this it is no surprise that there is no way to simply export group members from Active Directory Users & Groups (ADUC) or the Okta Administration Console.

For Active Directory you will need to load up PowerShell and install the Active Directory Module and start banging your head against the wall.

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Unfortunately for Okta you will have to follow a similar route loading up Postman, retrieve an API key from your Okta tenant and start programmatically connecting to the groups API to attempt to populate a CSV that you will then need to share with those that need to review these group members

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These are the reasons we built YouAttest. Simply start a Group based audit, start typing in the Active Directory or Okta based group names and we will show you the matches.

Once you have imported all or a percentage of the total group members you can now delegate out the review tasks to those business and risk owners.

Group Membership Compliance is now easier than ever allowing you to focus on projects that drive business value rather than turning back the clocks of progress and dealing with static CSV’s and sharing them via Shared Folders!

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