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Remotely Managing Okta Application Access during Furloughs with YouAttest.


Managing application access for an Okta Administrator is easy right?  Log into Okta (You’re an Okta admin right?) and you can easily add application assignments many different ways.  But what about enabling others who are not Okta Administrators?  How can you instantly allow Application Owners, HR Department, Risk Department or others to review current access and remove it or re-add that access depending on that users circumstances?

The Journey for a user to get that access can start from many different sources.  As outlined in Okta’s documentation the source for that user can be things like:

  • Active Directory
  • HR Systems like PeopleSoft, Workday, SuccessFactors, Ultimate, BambooHR and others
  • Ldap
  • Direct API integration
  • CSV

For users to get access to applications you have to assign them inside of Okta.  This means you have to have access to things like Active Directory Users & Groups (ADUC) or are able to directly log into the back end of your Okta tenant right?  Well many of our customers are now seeing that they can instantly revoke that application access for that identity through YouAttest.  You can instantly remove that users access to the Application and even give it back once that user is back to work.  You can even assign task to others within YouAttest to allow other people, more local to review that access and record notes (ie. furloughed till specific date).

Within YouAttest you can run campaigns against Okta Applications, Okta Groups or even Active Directory Groups.  Simply login and specify the resource you want to audit.

Select your Application and start your review

YouAttest easily allows anyone to:

  • Instantly review application assignments
  • Keep Audit notes about actions
  • Delegate application reviews to others
  • Review Application Audit logs directly from Okta
  • Review User Application assignments within Okta
  • Review the Assigned Groups (AD/Okta) for the user

And while you are working to ensure people can access the applications they need to you can easily delegate out tasks for review, these will show up inside of YouAttest as well as their inbox.

With YouAttest you can also instantly review information contained within your internal IT infrastructure about the users identity as well as assigned groups, all without installing any YouAttest software within your Network!

Stay safe out there everyone!