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The Unseen Guardian: Identity Security and Attestation in Manufacturing and OT Systems

As organizations face mounting difficulty in adapting legacy OT systems in manufacturing environments, one element has remained a relative constant – The need for identity security and attestation. On first consideration, you may not see the connection, however, it’s an integral piece of the puzzle in protecting against threat actors and keeping the supply chain safe for our ever more interconnected world. 

Take a journey with me, one where we will navigate the complexities of identity security and attestation, explore their relevance to cloud and operational technology (OT) within manufacturing environments, and learn why the future of all business continuity depends on our ability to embrace these practices and implement the processes to secure our digital future.

Image #1: Identity Security is key to Manufacturing and Operational Technologies


The Relevance of Identity Security

The world of manufacturing is evolving at an unprecedented pace. A new era has dawned, one where traditional production lines are intermingling with cutting-edge technologies. The manufacturing sector is experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), characterized by the integration of cyber-physical systems, OT, and cloud computing.

Yet, this evolution comes with a dark side – an increase in cyber attacks. As technology sprawls within the manufacturing sector, vulnerabilities in systems emerge, creating opportunities for cybercriminals to strike. In 2020 alone, IBM reported that the manufacturing sector was the second most attacked industry. 

Now, imagine a scenario where a hacker gains unauthorized access to your manufacturing systems. They could manipulate production lines, cause costly shutdowns, or worse, compromise your organization’s ability to deliver on critical products and services. Scary, isn’t it? Well the reality is that this isn’t just a scary story, this has been a frightening reality for many organizations, there is no better example of this than the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack of 2021.

Enter YouAttest for Identity Security Attestation, the unsung hero of our story. The concept of Identity Security Attestation is all about eliminating implicit ‘trust’ in a digital world. This helps to confirm that entities accessing your systems are indeed who they claim to be, a principle known as authentication, thereby protecting your manufacturing environment from malicious threats and paving the way for a Zero Trust future state.

The Tale of Cloud Security & Identity Attestation 

Every coin has two sides, and the cloud is no exception. While it offers benefits such as scalability and cost-efficiency, it also presents potential security vulnerabilities. Within the manufacturing industry, the stakes are even higher. A breach in cloud security could potentially expose sensitive data, intellectual property, or disrupt manufacturing operations. 

Attestation swoops in to save the day! By creating an auditable trail of the identity and the access provisioned to each user, device, or service attempting to access resources in the cloud, it reduces the risk of unauthorized access. This not only includes humans but also machines, devices, and applications that interact with each other in the cloud environment. 

Identity Security: The Shield for OT Systems 

OT systems, the heart of the manufacturing industry, are not immune to cyber threats. These systems, which control the physical processes of manufacturing, were not initially designed with cyber threats in mind, making them particularly vulnerable.

The robustness of an Attestation process shines brightly here. By implementing a strong identity verification process, we can ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to critical OT systems. This strategy mitigates the risk of a cyber attack, helping to keep your production line secure and your business running smoothly.

Join the Battle for Security 

We stand at a crucial crossroad. On one side, we have the promise of advanced manufacturing capabilities through cloud and OT systems. On the other side, the threats of cyberattacks loom large. It’s high time we gear up and arm ourselves with the right tools to safeguard our manufacturing future.

Now is the moment for action. Invest in robust identity security and attestation solutions with YouAttest. Take the initiative to educate your teams about the importance of these concepts and the role they play in maintaining your manufacturing environment’s integrity. 

Remember, in the world of cyber defense, identity security, and attestation are not just optional; they are necessary allies. In the battle against cyber threats, let these unseen guardians be your shield.

Never underestimate the power of identity security and attestation, for they might just be the unseen guardians that stand between your manufacturing operations and a devastating cyber attack. Stay safe, stay secure, and know your Identities with YouAttest!

YouAttest Guest Blogger:
Marcus Wells
, CEO & Founder,  WellSecured IT

With over two decades of experience in tech, I approach solutions from a holistic view with a special focus on business operations enablement and technical training. My passion lies in empowering business solutions through secure and efficient Technology and Cyber Security hygiene. Let’s harness the power of technology together.

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