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YouAttest, A Quick Return on Investment

“Cyber is one of the biggest battlegrounds in the world and probably will be for a century.” — DAVE DEWALT

Cybersecurity – A Priority

Cybersecurity has become a major priority. For organizations that hold sensitive data, or simply do business online, the need for better security practices grows every day as new attacks continue to surface in the news and even more go un-publicized. With the Colonial Pipeline attack and the North Korean attack on the South Korean nuclear institute, KAERI, happening just this year, it is no wonder that so many organizations are scrambling to secure their networks. Companies also must meet compliance measures including SOX, SOC, HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI-DSS, and the DoD’s new CMMC.

The Problem Is Access and Controls for Access

A significant part of the overall problem lies in access control. Ensuring that only those who are authorized to enter a network can enter, while making the process simple enough to work daily, is a seemingly challenging tightrope to cross because a variety of stakeholders access enterprise systems.

Moreover, the access rights are ever changing and dynamic. Without a provisioning and de-provisioning process, often keeping track of WHO has access to WHAT, WHEN and WHO ATTESTS to the provisioning of credentials results in a manual process that is highly prone to human error.

With disparate systems and application login credentials, access control processes are often consolidated and managed through an Excel sheet, which is not only a security risk, but time-intensive and cumbersome to synchronize.

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

The whole process lacks visibility. You cannot fix a problem that you cannot see, therefore increased visibility on access controls to better manage them becomes paramount. YouAttest helps our customers to first gain visibility and then automate compliance checks to follow best practices in cybersecurity.

Is YouAttest Really A Quick Return on Investment?

YouAttest access control reviews not only assist in gaining this visibility into identity management, but it also saves time and money on the whole audit and compliance process. It accomplishes this through clear-cut reporting, state-in-time snapshot comparisons, and delegated attestation. Through the YouAttest Identity Compliance Solution, you can meet compliance faster and better, with fewer errors as cloud-based identity access, verification, and reporting solutions eliminate the manual processes used today for identity governance. The YouAttest solution automates user roles and permissions to reduce the time it takes to verify identity for access from weeks to hours.

Image #1: YouAttest enables enterprises to attest to identity permissions both static and modified – like a player partner attestation to a golf scorecard. (A Quick Return on Investment )

YouAttest – The Solution for Audit and Security – A Quick Return on Investment

YouAttest also deploys in minutes. It can pay for itself in a single audit. One company alone can run between 8 and 12 audits in a year, depending on what compliance the company is maintaining. In total, the amount of time spent by a company auditing could take months of dedicated time that could be spent on other projects within the company. For example, it takes an organization with just over 2.25K identities 307 days per year to complete 6 audits. With YouAttest, time spent on these tasks can be significantly reduced while substantially improving the accuracy of identity access permissions management, Hence A Quick Return on Investment.

Finally, when security breaches are averaging $4.24 million per incident, according to IBM, with healthcare breaches at $9.23 million per incident, the return on investment, not only in employee time saved but also in hardened access control procedures using the YouAttest solution, is clear and compelling.

Please give us a call to discuss this solution further.   YouAttest is licensed per user, per month and can be reached at, (877) 452-0496. Free trials available, register here.