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YouAttest and Continuous Compliance for Identity Auditing

Every day, Companies are faced with the continuous, looming threat of a cyberattack or other incident that can have dire consequences. Highly regulated companies, especially, are feeling the pressure to mitigate this threat and are turning to continuous compliance to achieve to enforce IT governance policies and ensure that the organization is secure from these dangerous threats. 

Why is Continuous Compliance Needed?

As enterprise environments become more complex, it is vital to have automated compliance tools that can help deliver on rapid, repeated audit reports.

In the past, compliance was often seen as a static process – something that was done at defined intervals and then forgotten about in between. For example, an organization might complete an audit and then not think about compliance again until the next audit came around. Most enterprises are under multiple compliance guidances (SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI-DSS, GLB, CMMC, etc.) and thus have a constant stream of compliance reports. Starting and stopping the compliance for each guidance is costly, expensive, and time-consuming. No other part of the puzzle is more time-consuming than identity governance, and constant attention to the data and reporting requirements is needed to stay compliant in an organization, big or small.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, compliance needs to be seen as a continuous process. This is because new technologies and regulations are constantly being introduced, and enterprises need to be able to adapt quickly and easily to stay compliant. Compliance has become a more dynamic process with the rise of cloud computing and continuous delivery. This is where YouAttest comes in; by providing a simple to use tool that automates the access auditing for users, role, and groups for applications.  

YouAttest allows a risk manager to enact entitlement campaigns, where reviewers have to attest to  users, roles, and groups for applications that exist both on-premise and in the cloud. This helps enterprises identify potential compliance risks quickly and easily and then take the necessary steps to mitigate those risks.

It is impossible to conduct continuous compliance on a entitlement-laden enterprise in a manual fashiony – without a tool like Youttest.   Spreadsheets simply are not going to meet the workload – automation is required.

How YouAttest Delivers Continuous Identity Compliance

YouAttest delivers continuous identity compliance by providing a cloud-based easy to integrate and simple-to-use automated identity auditing.   Most importantly YouAttest provides an auto-scheduling mechanism that can be adjusted to each attestation campaign..  A particular identity attestation can be scheduled yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or at an ad-hoc basis.  (See Image #1)


Image #1: YouAttest provides an auto-scheduling feature which allows an enterprise to implement “constant compliance” for their identity roles and application access.

The reports that YouAttest provide fall under the NIST SP 800-53, PR.AC-4 guidance for continued access certification.   This guidance is called out in regulations such SOX, SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, GLBA, CMMC and others.   

Why YouAttest is the Best Choice for Continuous Identity Compliance

YouAttest is the best choice for continuous identity compliance because it is a scalable solution that enterprises of all sizes can use, delivering cloud-based access certification and attestation campaigns and eliminating the need for manual or on-premise solutions for identity governance. Easy-to-read audit reports help process owners quickly and efficiently remedy policy violations. YouAttest works with enterprises as small as 100 users and can scale to millions, making it the perfect solution for enterprises of all sizes to maintain continuous compliance. Trust YouAttest to deploy rapidly and cost less than any on-premise or manual solution. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to help your enterprise maintain continuous compliance, look no further than YouAttest. YouAttest is the leading provider of identity governance solutions and can help your enterprise stay compliant with the latest compliance standards. Contact YouAttest today to learn more about how we can help you maintain continuous compliance.