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YouAttest Announces SSO Support for JumpCloud

YouAttest has released full SSO into JumpCloud, an open directory platform.  JumpCloud is a unique cloud directory solution that gives IT, security operations, and DevOps secure, frictionless access to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles.

YouAttest is an IGA compliance and security tool that provides enterprise visibility into the access rules and privileges.   JumpCloud is an exploding platform that uniquely provides identity and device management to the enterprise with a single tool.  The YouAttest solution uniquely helps  risk managers to automate the tedious process of access reviews for the purpose of increasing the security posture of the enterprise and meet compliance measures such as SOX, SCO2, HIPAA/HITRUST, GLBA, PCI-DSS, CMMC and others.

The Strength of the YouAttest SSO Integration to JumpCloud

The process of access review REQUIRES that “line managers” of employees and distinct “application owners” review their respective roles and permissions that they manage.

This requires that each of these managers:

  • Have a list of users and roles
  • Individually review these roles
  • Certify, Revoke or Delegate these roles

This is a painful task to be done manually. 

YouAttest IGA unique SSO connectors solve this manual problem.  

By plugging into the JumpCloud open directory – YouAttest is able to pull:

  • The Users
  • The Groups
  • The Managers
  • The Applications

This is all the information YouAttest needs to have the Risk Manager:

  1. Identify the apps
  2. Identity the groups, users for the apps
  3. Auto-Delegate to the managers of the apps/groups

All from an easy to use console. 

Image #1: YouAttest Now has a click-thru integration for the JumpCloud Open Directory Platform.


Image #2: YouAttest support JumpCloud’s secure SAML SSO integration.

A JumpCloud Admins will be able to get the URL, API key and X509 from their JumpCloud account.


Image #3: In JumpCloud account, the API key is located under Admin’s name initials top right of the page.
Image #4: In JumpCloud, you need to create the YouAttest App to use SAML connector for single-sign-on where you’ll get your X509 key to complete the setup in YouAttest (image# 2)

Once all pieces of the puzzle are in the SSO in YouAttest is Enabled and now you can run your JumpCloud audit campaigns directly with YouAttest IGA tool.

Image #5: Once integrated, the YouAttest admin will see the JumpCloud connector represented in the YouAttest console.

Reviewers Log-in w/ their JumpCloud credentials

YouAttest automatically sends a message (via email or slack) to the reviewer to notify him/her of the roles, user the manager needs to approve.  

Image #6: YouAttest support App, Group and User audits for JumpCloud.

YouAttest will send reminder messages if this action is not completed in a set time.   The reviewer can certify, revoke or re-delegate the certification.   If the manager chooses to delegate – YouAttest will automatically message the new reviewer.

Image #7: YouAttest access reviews allow an risk manager to manage all aspects of the identity recertification. (NIST 800-53, PR.AC-4)

Most importantly, YouAttest tracts all the approvals, revocations and delegations – all through a simple easy to read console.

The result:  YouAttest saves the risk manager (and his crew) between 70-85% of the effort from manual processes – at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

YouAttest is an automated identity audit tool for your identity and access controls. Cloud-based and simple to use – YouAttest provides a unified risk platform for your identity audits with the quickest time-to-value and no implementation cost. Contact us and we will start your identity auditing journey.