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YouAttest Announces YouAttest 2.0 – Advanced Cloud-Based IGA

YouAttest  successfully released YouAttest 2.0 over the weekend!    All customers both active and in P.O.C. recieve these upgrade3s!   YouAttest 2.0  is a major improvement on the original Identity Governance release of the revolutionary YouAttest simple-to-deploy attestation product.

Ref:  YouAttest 2.0 Release Notes

Key features in 2.0 include:

  1.   New improved dashboard
  2.   Auto-Scheduling
  3.   Role-Based Administration (RBA)
  4.   Audit-by-Groups
  5.   Event-Based Triggers

1.  YouAttest 2.0 Dashboard

YouAttest took a lot of customer input on the dashboard and redesigned the dashboard for simple understanding of how the product is used and the status of the attestations.

Image #1: Key new stats: App Campaigns, Group Campaigns, Total Users, Event Campaigns, CSV campagins and Used Licenses

2.  Auto-Scheduling

Another big request,  was to auto schedule the attestation.   Schedule daily, weekly monthly or yearly.

Image #2: Auto-Scheduling campaigns is a key feature of YouAttest 2.0,

Image #2: Auto-Scheduling campaigns is a key feature of YouAttest 2.0,


3.   Role-Based Administration (RBA)

On the theme of upgrading YouAttest to an enterprise IGA product, YouAttest 2.0 includes Role-Based Administration (RBA) with the ability to have multiple admins and multiple reviewers.

Image #3: Multiple admins and reviewers can be added to a single YouAttest tenant.,

4.  Audit by Groups

YouAttest IGA has been known and successfully executed as an Application review product (key for SOX and other guidances) – but customers have requestd and YouAttest has replied to delivering Group based audits.   This is delivered in YouAttest 2.0.

Image #4: YouAttest allows reviewers to audit the access privileges of groups and users.

#5.   Event-Based Tiggers

A KEY advance in YouAtt3est 2.0 is Event-Based triggers – events on BOTH the Okta tenant and the enterprise AD that Okta is connected to.   That means enterprises can automatically enable attestation campaigns.  This is crucial to meeting NIST guidances PR.IP-3 (Change Control) and enforcing PR.PC-6 (Principle of Least Privilege)

Image #5: Event-based attestations, based on selected AD/Okta events was a big customer request , and met in YouAttest 2.0.


YouAttest 2.0 is a collation of customer request on our revolutionary, deploy in minutes, YouAttest IGA product.   Schedule time w/ us for a demo!

YouAttest is the only cloud-based IGA platform that deploys in minutes via application SSO to platforms like Okta.   Register for the November 18th YouAttest webinar on auto-scheduling attestations of your cloud and legacy applications.