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YouAttest for “RightSizing” SaaS Licensing

SaaS licenses can cost an enterprise a lot of $$$. 

Figuring out who REALLY needs access to what applications is usually a painful process for the managers and the CFO group. What is needed is an automated tool that allows the SaaS/Risk Manager to push out a review to “Rightsize” the software license.

Why “RightSizing” is Important

Enterprises get a lot of value from their SaaS licenses.  Today, more than 15,000 companies offer cloud-based subscription software services, while 80% of businesses use at least one SaaS application.  In fact,  many organizations use nothing but SaaS software for their applications and data management.   

But there is a lot of waste in software licenses.   One study of 149 organizations in the U.S. and U.K. across 16 different industries estimated the cost of unused software to be $34 billion, with an average waste per business of $7.4 million. 

User are Always a Challenge

The biggest headache for enterprises is users.  Users change roles, change locations and of course change the resources that they need.

This is why enterprises use products like YouAttest for a process called “user access review” – it automatically delegates roles to application managers, user manager and/or group owners to review whether users have the rights and privileges to perform their task.

YouAttest performs these tasks, via User Access Reviews (UARs), for identity security and for the compliance guiances that mandate these reviews periodically (SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and CMMC). 

The Licenses The Users Need Is a BIgger Challenge

Quantifying which users need a license is a challenge.  Though it’s a challenge – it’s also the responsibility of their managers.    That is who better to decide which users should have access to what applications – and what applications are needed for these users to do this task.

This is why YouAttest customers use YouAttest not only for user access reviews but also to rightsize their SaaS licenses.

The same capabilities that make YouAttest the right choice for user attestation enables YouAttest to help enterprises determine proper licenses, these include:

  • Connecting to IAM systems (Entra ID, Okta, JumpCloud, others)
  • Determining managers
  • Automating the messaging to manager via emails and slack
  • Showing the reviewer only the information/certification he/she needs to see
  • Allowing the reviewers to add notes
  • Collating all the reviews into a single report

Steps to Using YouAttest to RightSize Your Licenses:

This tool is YouAttest. It sends out “Application” and/or “Group” reviews to the managers.  YouAttest can auto-delegate or the SaaS “Rightsizer” can manually pick the reviewers. The reviewers simply click the screen to determine if access is needed or not. Process solved!  Digitally, securely and documented.

Step #1:

Create App audit to find out how many users have access to/licenses for the App

Step #2:

 YouAttest pulls user metadata from the Identity Store for the selected App

Step #3:

Auto-Delegate users to their Managers to see if they need access/license


Step #4:

Managers review the access and RightSize the licenses by Revoking the ones   not needed.



And that is it!  YouAttest auto creates a report of what users are CERTIFIED and which users are REVOKED for usage of the SaaS license.  SaaS “rightsizing” made easy!

Contact us today to learn more about how YouAttest can help improve your user access reviews for “RightSizing” your SaaS licenses and user access reviews (UARs).