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YouAttest working to support CSV as master for Certification Campaigns!


Following a number of customer and prospect requests YouAttest has gone full steam ahead to allow PCI/SOX/Risk Audit Owners to upload their CSV!  CSV’s containing the Users Role information which can be exported from another system like SAP, AS400 systems or any other Enterprise System.

While our first release was all about instant Certification and Revocation of a Users access within Okta we found out that many more organizations require the ability to inject Privilege and Role information directly into YouAttest not from an API but a Comma Separated Value (CSV).

We’re going to be adding some YouAttest magic to the CSV audit.  One is the ability to retrieve additional information about a User if we are able to find the users email/account name in your Okta tenant (via API).  This could allow us to make intelligent automated tasks for a Users manager which might be in Active Directory or Okta but not in the CSV.

If you would like to discuss your CSV Audit requirements we would love to hear more about them.  Send an email to and we will reach out to discuss.

Demo of YouAttest and Auditing Active Directory Groups through the use of the Okta Agents