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Access Reviews
Microsoft 365

Integration with  Microsoft 365:

YouAttest integrates with your existing Azure AD with a secure cloud-to-cloud connection.
YouAttest utilizes a secure SAML connection to digitally connect and encrypt the connection
between Azure AD IAM and YouAttest IGA. The result is a simple 3-minute integration with
full IGA capabilities.

Microsoft 365:

Azure AD is the leading cloud directory – utilized in all sectors: Financial, Government, Health Care, and International Commerce. Thus the identities fall under many U.S. and
international compliance measures like: SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27001, GLB, and the CMMC. Using the YouAttest console, the auditor, in a single console, can automate the access reviews process and allow reviewers to certify, revoke, or delegate the viewed entitlements in their Azure AD enterprise directory.

Advanced Features: