Okta is the Gas, YouAttest the Brakes


During a recent call with Okta it was mentioned Okta is the gas & YouAttest is the brakes and we agree!  YouAttest can allow anyone from any organization to instantly Certify or Revoke access to applications protected with Okta.  This also means meeting your SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA or other audits in record time.  Our CSV import functionality being released this week will also allow us to extend this functionality into any Certification or Audit tasks.  Exactly like your local track officials at the races you can instantly focus in on specific identities within Active Directory or Okta and give them a Yellow, Green or even the Black flag.

The architecture of how YouAttest governs your Okta tenant allows for control over access of applications instantly without deploying any hardware or software is what allows you to start your first Campaign in less than 5 minutes.  By utilizing the power of YouAttest you can decommission your legacy IGA tools at the same time you sunset Active Directory.

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