Identity Access Reviews

Access Reviews

cloud-based access reviews
for all resources

YouAttest is a cloud-based tool designed to enable enterprises to conduct compliance and security access reviews at a fraction of the time and cost.

Required by compliance measures such as:

SOX    SOC2    HIPAA/HI-TRUST    ISO 27001    GLB    CMMC

YouAttest enables an enterprise to conduct an access review of all of their cloud and on-premise resources.

Using the YouAttest console the auditor, in a single console, can automate the access reviews process and disseminate attestation campaigns for certifying, revoking, or delegating the review of the enterprise entitlements. Designed from scratch by interviewing both IT Security and external auditors – YouAttest has quantified and automated the Access Review process.a single console, can automate the access reviews process and allow reviewers to certify, revoke, or delegate the viewed entitlements in their Azure AD enterprise directory.

YouAttest has been shown to:

reduce the time needed by all personnel involved by up to 80%. No more spreadsheets, emails, snapshots – the purpose-driven GUI solves the compliance problem and adds security by being a more accurate accounting of identity roles and privileges.

Advanced Features: