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User Access Reviews for
Microsoft Active Directory

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YouAttest can audit all the users, groups and permissions of the enterprise Active Directory data store.

YouAttest: User Access Reviews for Active Directory

On-Premise Support
  • Single and Multiple ADs
  • All Information
  • OUs, User, Groups, Roles
Automated Access Reviews
  • Admins and Reviewers Based on AD
  • Automated, 100% GUI Based
  • Certify, Revoke, Delegate
                 One Low Cost

AD-Audit feature provides a clear picture of all changes made to your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) resources including AD objects and their attributes. AD auditing helps detect and respond to insider threat, privilege misuse, and other indicators of compromise, strengthening your organization’s security posture.

YouAttestTM tracks AD changes and provides visibility of Active Directory, including objects such as users, computers and groups.