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Identity Governance for Entra ID

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YouAttest can audit all the users, groups, applications and permissions contained in Entra ID.

YouAttest: User Access Reviews for
Microsoft Entra ID

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration
  • Utilizes Entra ID SAML integration – No Coding or APIs Needed
  • Deploys in Minutes
  • Designed to Scale to Millions of Identities
  • Sites: EU/USA    
  • Redundant Architecture
  • Secure Cloud-to-cloud Connection
  • YouAttest Uses a Secure SAML Connection
  • Digitally Connects and Encrypts Entra ID IAM + YouAttest IGA
                 One Low Cost!

YouAttest integrates with your existing Entra ID with a secure cloud-to-cloud connection. YouAttest utilizes a secure SAML connection to digitally connect and encrypt the connection between Entra ID IAM and YouAttest IGA. The result is a simple 3 minute integration with full IGA capabilities.

Entra ID:

Entra ID is the leading cloud directory – utilized in all sectors: Financial, Government, Health Care, and International commerce. Thus, the identities fall under many U.S. and international compliance measures like: SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27001, GLB, and CMMC. Using the YouAttest console the auditor, in a single console, can automate the
access reviews process and allow reviewers to certify, revoke, or delegate the viewed entitlements in their Entra ID enterprise directory.

IGA Entra ID identity governance is an important and common topic discussed. If you are interested in learning more, join our discussion.

Advanced Features: