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Identity Governance for PingOne

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YouAttest enables full audit of the PingOne Cloud Platform and enables PingOne to become the center of ALL your on-premise and cloud access reviews

YouAttest: User Access Reviews for PingOne

Cloud-to-cloud Integration
  • Utilizes PingOne SAML Connectivity – No Coding or APIs Needed
  • Deploys in Minutes
  • Enables your PingOne to become the hub of all GRC efforts
  • Audit PingOne and other resources w/ PingOne User, Groups, and Managers
  • Audit all your PingOne users, groups and Applications and more!
  • Designed to Scale to Millions of Identities
  • Sites: EU/USA    
  • Redundant Architecture
  • YouAttest Does Not Store Sensitive Data
  • Real Time Meta-Data Extraction
  • Credentials Remain Stored in PingOne
  • PingOne SSO Auth for YouAttest Admins/Reviews
One Low Cost!

YouAttest: User Access Reviews (UARs) for PingOne

YouAttest is a cloud-based tool designed to enable enterprises to conduct compliance and security identity audits.   The process eliminate s ghost/orphan accounts, eliminates excess privileges, and helps enforce the “principle of least privilege” for security and compliance requirements.

Using YouAttest, risk/security managers can, in a single console, automate their access review process and create attestation campaigns for certifying, revoking or delegating the review of PingOne entitlements. In addition, YouAttest can leverage the managers in PingOne to attest to non-Ping resources via YouAttest’s siloed application audit capability thus creating more value for the PingOne identity store. 

Integration with PingOne:

YouAttest integrates with the existing PingOne tenant with a secure cloud-to-cloud connection. YouAttest utilizes a secure tokenized SAML connection to digitally connect and encrypt the connection between PingOne and YouAttest IGA. Thus, all data transfer between PingOne and YouAttest stays safe. It’s important to note: YouAttest never duplicates user credentials. Those are kept secure in the PingOne cloud. Only entitlement data for review is passed to YouAttest.

Advance features:

  • GUI-guided Access Reviews 
  • Group reviews
  • Auto-delegation
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Custom email templates
  • Up to 4 Reviewers in Delegation Workflow
  • Export to PDF, XLS or CSV
  • Real time Push of Changes Remove access/Keep access
  • Utilize PingOne as the IAM of record for all reviews, including information NOT in PingOne
  • Automates 3rd party sources like Salesforce and AWS w/ PingOne managers
  • YouAttest can also conduct HR-to-PingOne variation reports
  • Identity reports for SOX, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 2001, GDPR and other guidances
  • Messaging integration with Slack and Email
  • Dashboard detailing your overall audits from your PingOne environment
  • Archiving of audits