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Identity Governance for JumpCloud

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YouAttest can audit all the users, groups and permissions of the JumpCloud Open Directory Platform.

YouAttest: User Access Reviews for JumpCloud

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration
  • Utilizes JumpCloud SAML Connectivity – No Coding or APIs Needed
  • Deploys in Minutes
  • Designed to Scale to Millions of Identities
  • Sites: EU/USA    
  • Redundant Architecture
  • YouAttest Does Not Store Sensitive Data
  • Real Time Meta-Data Extraction
  • Credentials Remain Stored in JumpCloud
  • JumpCloud SSO Auth for YouAttest Admins/Reviewers
Use Low Cost

Cloud First & Scalable
Automating JumpCloud User Access Reviews (UARs) for Identity Security and Compliance.
YouAttest Bridges the IGA Space for JumpCloud Customers and JumpCloud MSPs.

YouAttest Identity Audits for JumpCloud:

A leading cloud-based tool, YouAttest was originally designed to help enable enterprises to monitor, restrict, or allow access to users in a fraction of the time. 

By using the YouAttest console, your auditor will be able to automate access reviews and simplify the process of disseminating attestation campaigns while having the ability to deny or allow specific enterprise entitlements in JumpCloud.

Developed from the ground up, this program was designed with the influence of both IT Security and external auditors in mind. YouAttest has successfully automated the Access Review process, saving you time and money.

Identity governance JumpCloud may be a new topic for you. If so, feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a call.


Advanced Features: