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Identity Governance for Microsoft 365 – SOX, SOC2, HIPAA, CMMC

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YouAttest can attest all the premissions in the Azure AD which is the identity store for Microsoft 365

YouAttest: User Access Reviews for Microsoft 365

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration
  • Utilizes Azure AD SAML Integration – No Coding or APIs Needed
  • Deploys in Minutes
  • Designed to Scale to Millions of Identities
  • Sites: EU/USA    
  • Redundant Architecture
  • YouAttest Does Not Store Sensitive Data
  • Real Time Meta-Data Extraction
  • Credentials Store in Microsoft Azure AD
  • Azure AD SSO Auth for YouAttest Admins/Reviewers


                 One Low Cost! 

YouAttest integrates with your existing Azure AD with a secure cloud-to-cloud connection.
YouAttest utilizes a secure SAML connection to digitally connect and encrypt the connection
between Azure AD IAM and YouAttest IGA. The result is a simple 3-minute integration with
full IGA capabilities.

Microsoft 365:

Azure AD is the leading cloud directory – utilized in all sectors: Financial, Government, Health Care, and International Commerce. Thus, the identities fall under many U.S. and
international compliance measures like: SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27001, GLB, and the CMMC. Using the YouAttest console, the auditor, in a single console, can automate the access reviews process and allow reviewers to certify, revoke, or delegate the viewed entitlements in their Azure AD enterprise directory.

User Access Reviews for Microsoft 365:

If you’re like most organizations, you are either using or considering using Microsoft 365 for its enterprise productivity tools. The question is how to conduct access reviews for Microsoft 365 for security and compliance.

Identity audits are vital for companies of all sizes and help determine that users are who they say they are and have access to the right amount of data. This is important for companies that use Microsoft 365 because it helps keep your information safe. 365 is a suite of software that includes Word and Excel and using this program without proper identity audits could leave your company’s information vulnerable to attacks. That’s why it’s crucial to have a system in place that can help you keep track of who is using Microsoft 365.

Access Reviews are an effective way to keep track of user and group information. They allow security personnel, risk managers, and relevant employees to quickly audit all the users in a Microsoft 365 environment for compliance with company policies. With YouAttest’s cloud-based identity auditing software, you can have total visibility into your users’ identities, ensuring that you never miss a detail again! Now your organization can stop wasting precious time on manual spreadsheet work when they could be using it more wisely elsewhere.

Identity audits for Microsoft 365 for security and compliance are the key to managing your cloud-based identities. To ensure that your company complies with the latest regulations, you must take advantage of Azure AD – which is given for free with every license of Microsoft 365, to protect your data. When you use Azure AD access reviews, you can quickly get started with identity governance for security and compliance by utilizing YouAttest – a cloud-based audit solution.

A company’s information can be compromised in many different ways, and access reviews are one of the best ways to keep your data safe. The various software programs that Microsoft 365 includes give hackers multiple routes into your system if they are not adequately secured. Identity audits help prevent these attacks by making sure that only the people who are supposed to be in your company’s system can get in.

YouAttest provides an easy-to-use identity audit functionality that allows you to connect directly to Azure AD. This connection provides access to all the identity information for Microsoft 365, including user, group, and role information. Security and risk managers can use this information to audit groups and delegates for security and compliance reasons. The process is GUI-based, saving time and effort over the manual spreadsheet and email management. Features include continuous certification of audits via scheduled reviews, auto-delegation, multiple reviewers and siloed application reviews.

YouAttest takes data security and compliance seriously. Our connection to Azure AD is a secure, encrypted cloud-to-cloud connection that uses PKI authentication, meaning that your identity information is safe and secure when pulled from Azure AD into YouAttest. We also have strict policies regarding who has access to this data and regularly audit our systems to comply with all relevant regulations.

We use secure API calls to pull the information daily and then delete it after it has been used for user compliance. Each user’s identity record is encrypted before leaving their device, and this encryption key never leaves that device. We do not store any user passwords for additional security, so even if our servers were hacked, the attackers would not have access to any user’s actual email address or other personally identifiable information.

If you’re looking for a way to get your Microsoft 365 identity information audited and verified, then YouAttest is the right solution. Our cloud-based audit service can connect securely with Azure AD so that you have access to all of your users’ identities in one place. We make security compliance simple with features like continuous certification of audits via scheduled reviews and more.