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YouAttest is an ideal solution for MSPs/Consultants wishing to offer identity security and compliance. YouAttest has created a management console, so the MSPs/Consultants can manage multiple clients.

YouAttest for MSPs/Consultants

Most enterprises lack the personnel to conduct the right practices around identity access reviews – let alone create the reports the various governances require

That’s why You Attest offers “YouAttest for MSP/Consultants” – where the MSP/Consultants manages the access review for the client.

In this way, the MSP/Consultants can initiate, conduct and deliver the identity reports needed for the guidances, including:
  • Healthcare HIPAA
  • Retail PCI-DSS
  • Defense CMMC
  • Cloud SOX
  • International ISO 27001
  • Privacy CCPA/GDPR

In this version, The MSP/Consultant can:

All from a central console

The key is:

  • The MSP/Consultant signs one contract w/ YouAttest
  • Conducts review for only/all the customers that need new access reviews
  • Only pay by usage (per customer, per user, per month)
  • A pure “pay-as-you-go” model

Benefits to the MSPs/Consultants:

  • Increased value to customer
  • An IGA/GRC tool that the MSP/Consultant can learn in a day
  • Immediate revenue stream
  • Immediate payback
  • A pure “pay-as-you-go” model

Contact us today – we’ll get you started on becoming an MSP for YouAttest!