Why User Access Controls Should be the First Priority in Cybersecurity

What is User Access Control?

User Access control is at the heart of cybersecurity and it is integrated into our everyday life. User access control regulates who has what access, and when they have access to it.  User access controls should be the first priority – here’s why.

Components of User Access Control 

To protect enterprise systems, organizations must review their access controls periodically. This is not only mandated by compliance regulations, but is a best practice for cyber security. Because user access rights are ever changing and are always in motion, the access control review is a necessary and vital part of having visibility on who has what systems access.

YouAttest is a cloud-based access review reporting engine designed to achieve this visibility. YouAttest shows not only who has access, but also who within the enterprise attests to that person’s access rights. Such a process ensures that users only have access to the minimum amount of information they need, referred to as the Principle of Least Privilege.

The user-friendly YouAttest cloud-based system streamlines the management process of access control reviews by gathering this data in one place for enhancing reporting and dramatically improved management.

What Does User Access Control Govern?

Issuing credentials, granting, and revoking data access rights are in constant change within the modern business world. Managing access control reviews is crucial, but it can be a cumbersome challenge.

Traditional manual means of access review, such as managing spreadsheets or monitoring emails, are prone to human error and it is time-consuming. Maintaining access controls is also exacerbated by business dynamics such as mergers and acquisitions, going public, and business-to-business interactions.

Whether you are working with user access credentials, contractors, supply chain partners, auditors, or other third-party consultants, keeping track of user access control can become more automated and streamlined with YouAttest!

Why YouAttest?

Image #1: YouAttest addresses the #1 problem in identity – access reviews of current and changed account privileges. ( User Access Control )

YouAttest, as  a quick time-to-value, and easy to deploy IGA solution, enables simple IT access, credential reviews, and control management in the dynamic world of granting and revoking access to various people. YouAttest helps business line managers and C-Suite executives understand who has access to what when within your company, and who attests to the access rights. Thus, the YouAttest solution helps save time and money on compliance and audit and frees up your personnel to focus on other tasks.

Key features of the YouAttest solution are:

  • Rapid Deployment via the cloud! No on-site software is necessary to provide audit access to your corporate teams making for lightning-fast network integration.
  • Active Directory and Okta Integrations allow managers to attest to credentials in whatever the company identity store of record is.
  • YouAttest can Auto-Schedule the access control review.
  • Automatic Event Trigger reports are generated regularly to review when users are added to a group, increase privileges, have other access control changes, and more.   
  • YouAttest Identity audits specifically map to NIST SP 800-53 CSF, PR.AC-1, PR.AC-4 and PR.AC-6 – for access reviews and enforcement of the Principle of Least Privilege.
  • State-in-Time Audits for comparison of who had what access when.
  • Auto-Delegation to business line managers.

YouAttest offers a 30-day free trial to illustrate how we can help your company with your access control reviews with a straight-forward pricing model starting at $2 per user per month, offering a high return on investment for our clients.

Start now with YouAttest to increase the information security posture and success of your enterprise for compliance and audit. Gain greater control over the access control review processContact us. We are happy to help you with this pressing problem!