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Protect Your IAM – Special Offer from YouAttest & Yastis

Identity and Access Management (IAM) issues?

Weak authentication, excessive privileges, and unmanaged accounts are just too risky.

We want to do more than talk about it though. Let’s do something about it!

YouAttest has teamed up w/ Yastis to secure your Okta IAM and other IAM solutions. This includes full review of your documentation, structure, and settings for:

  • Data classification
  • Groups and roles
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • Username and password 
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 

To empower businesses of all sizes to enhance their IAM systems and processes, Yastis is offering this service for $999 per 250 accounts.

Also, 25% off of YouAttest, Next-GEN IGA, for licenses under 500 users:

  • Automated Access Reviews
  • Segregation of Duties alerts
  • Triggers on key accounts and settings
  • AI-based trust score of users

Act Now: This opportunity is only available for the next 30 days. If this sounds like exactly what your company needs, reach out today to get started:

#AuditTuesday LinkedIn Live

Cybersecurity 80-20 Rule - Start with Identity

The 80/20 rule is crucial to many enterprise and life activities – but what about cybersecurity?

Most definitely it is. The 80-20 rule guides us to take our limited resources and focus them on activities that would make the most difference.

The same goes for cybersecurity.

Michael Andrewes is a cyber and GRC specialist who will dialogue why and how we should focus our limited cyber budgets and efforts on securing our identities.

The webinar will include the following information:

  • What are the identity risks in the enterprise?
  • What happens when we avoid addressing these risks?
  • What are the key areas in identity we should address?
  • And most importantly…(We get it – we are at risk!)
  • How do we start?


Speakers will include Michael Andrewes, Cybersecurity consultant and GRC specialist and YouAttest’s 13 patented CEO, Garret Grajek. Rounding out the demos on identity security and compliance will be Kashif Mehmood, Director of Deployments.

To learn more about YouAttest and how we can help secure your identities, contact us at


To learn more about YouAttest and how we can help secure your identities, contact us at

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