YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021

2021 has been one heck of a year – and we’ve been busy @ YouAttest with customers, with deployments and most importantly with the product.  Time to review YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021

Key features have been made to improve:

  • Efficiency of audits
  • Functionality for reviewers
  • Clarity of reports for auditors

YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021

  • Automated Delegation

YouAttest automatically delegates out to a line manager for access certifications.  This proved to be one of the biggest time safers for our customers.  No more lining up the reviews to the managers in (2) separate list – YouAttest automatically delegates out a review to the user.

  • Multiple Reviewers

YouAttest allows the reviewer to designate multiple reviewers from multiple groups to review the access.   A feature that is unmatched in the manual world of XLS spreadshets.  YouAttest allows the admin to select a set of users in an AND or OR configuration to review theusers.

  • Custom Email Messages and Reminders

YouAttest allows the admins to set up reviewer emails to ensure the reviewers know and trust the instructions for an access certifications.   This was  key request from almost all of our customers.  They help to work w/ the engineering team to create a fully custom e-mail system to the reviewers.

  • State-in-Time (Delta) Access Reviews

YouAttest allows an enterprise to take a “Snapshot” of “roles, permissions, rights” at a point in time and then contrast at another point in time.

State-in-Time was the premier feature of 2021.   This allows enteprises to audit just the CHANGES in the identities, groups and acces permissions.   Save 100s of hours for both the review team and the IT team in disovery and reporting of the changes.   This is a true break-thru for a fully cloud-based product to deliver this advanced enterprise feature at a competitive SaaS price.

Image #1: YouAttest “State-in-Time” Auditing allows enteprises to quickly identify and audit the changes to their key identity resources. ( YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021 )

  • YouAttest Event Triggers

YouAttest created a trigger system that was able to take web events from 3rd party products (ex:  Okta) and auto-generate attestation campaigns on the event.

YouAttest event triggers are  a key feature in the effort of enterprises to enforce the Principle of Least Privilege (NIST 800-53, PR.AC-6).   The feature allows enterprises to automatically attest to changes in key roles, groups, privileges – which increases security and simplifies the audit of these permissions grants.

  • YouAttest Access Request/Approval

Youattest created a GUI-based system that allows an enterprise to utilize the YouAttest tool to have users and managers request access for themselves or their reports.

Access Request/Approval was another key upgrade in 2021. This allows enterprises to not only provide a mechanism to their users and admins to quantify an access request – but to also document the request and changes for the auditor.

  • Youattest AD Script  | YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021

YouAttest AD-Audit feature provides a clear picture of all changes made to your       Microsoft Active Directory (AD) resources including AD objects and their attributes and more.   A key requirement of users is extract ALL of the privileges in their AD and then audit the changes.

A key feature especially when utilized with YouAttest State-in-Time auditing.

  • YouAttest Resource Auto-Mapping Template | YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021

YouAttest has the ability to consume any resource for identity attestation.    To do so – requires the enterprise to first map out their resource fields to the YouAttest audit console.   With this feature users now can do this mapping once and let YouAttest remember the configurations.  A huge time saving for the audit admin.

Where did YouAttest go to get the inspiration for these features?

Our customers!!  This is why we love our customers!  We work with our customers to make YouAttest the most deployable IGA solution for access reviews.

I know you want to see it live.  Please make an appt and let us show you our magic:


YouAttest Product Achievements in 2021 is just a start and we at YouAttest believe in constant innovation and improvement and 2022 will be much bigger, better and productive year and we will keep on doing these achievements updates for all our customers and prospects to make life much more easier for everyone and keep everyone informed.