YouAttest – SOX User Access Reviews for Publicly Traded Companies

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) specifies the requirement for enterprises to conduct SOX user access reviews.

These reviews are mandated by the SOX act of 2002.  It part of the SOX 404B control.

YouAttest conduct User Access Reviews as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley mandate of 2002.

YouAttest has you covered.   Especially if you are an Okta customer,  YouAttest plug-in snaps into your Okta tenant in 3 minutes, utilizing SAML or OAUTH App SSO.   YouAttest is verified by the Okta Integration Network Program.



Regardless, if you are not – YouAttest has a .CSV upload feature that allows you to upload ANY roles/permission set for a  SOX User Access Reviews report.

YouAttest has all the enterprise features to conduct you SOX user access reviews:

SOX User Access Reviews by YouAttest

  • Integration into enterprise SSO platforms, like Okta
  • CSV upload for any role set
  • Auto-Delegation
  • Multiple Manager Review and Attestation
  • Progress Reports
  • Auto-Scheduling of Reviews
  • Event Triggers for Auto-Attestation on AD and Okta events

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YouAttest is the only cloud-based IGA platform that deploys in minutes via application SSO to platforms like Okta.   Register for the November 18th YouAttest webinar on auto-scheduling attestations of your cloud and legacy applications.